Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It's Dec. 28 already and in a week I'll be back at work. I'm not sure why time seems to be running away from me at the moment. Perhaps because I have so much to accomplish (or things I want to accomplish) in the next week and yet I also want time to be by myself to read and relax.

Time is such a valuable commodity and sometimes I feel I squander it needlessly. Time isn't money, it is a currency all of its own and one I learn to value more each day - a lesson I wish I learned long ago.

Grey, overcast days tend to make me reflective and rather blue. A lot of the world seems to be feeling that way today. Is it the post Christmas let-down or something more?

Continuing with the Christmas of children theme, today I had a nice long visit with Rachel (8) and Alyssa (2) - plus their Mom of course. I gave them both books of course and it's always gratifying when they appreciate getting books.

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