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BOOK REVIEW: Luxury Knitting: The Ultimate Guide to Exquisite Yarns by Linda Morse

When knitters enter a yarn store today, they have an endless selection of fibers from which to choose. Increasingly, some of those choices are high end, luxury fibers with equally high price tags. Most knitters would relish to opportunity to knit with cashmere, but want the exactly right project to warrant the cost.

Luxury Knitting: the Ultimate Guide to Exquisite Yarns Cashmere ● Merino ● Silk is designed to help knitters over the hurdle of purchasing luxury yarns. The culmination of Linda Morse’s personal journey searching for the most superb yarns, she chronicles time spent talking to yarn suppliers, testing fibers, reading books about textiles and touring the factories making these exquisite yarns.

More than just a book of patterns, Luxury Knitting explains just what makes these fibers so special and helps knitters understand the characteristics that make them so exceptional. By understanding the yarns, knitters are better able to turn them into exceptional pieces, which will be cherished for years to come, and understand the price tag associated with the fibers. Morse helps knitters understand why one type of cashmere is better than another and which luxury fiber is best suited for the piece you wish to make.

Luxury Knitting is required reading for any knitter wishing to undertake a project with these yarns. While the patterns may not appeal to all, the information contained in this volume is essential. Once a knitter understands the properties of these special fibers, she’ll be better able to select the appropriate yarn and pattern for that special project, resulting in an investment piece she’ll wear for years to come.

Linda Morse is the owner of String, a high-end knitting boutique found in the heart of New York City’s fashion district, which specializes in providing knitters with the most luxurious yarns available. Luxury Knitting is her first book.

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ISBN10: 1931543860
ISBN13: 9781931543866

128 Pages
Publisher: Sixth & Spring Books
Publication Date: November 2005


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