Wednesday, May 09, 2007

BOOK REVIEW: Punk Knits by Share Ross

If anyone had any doubts about knitting, Share Ross is ready to shatter them – knitting isn’t just for grannies anymore. The punk rock guitarist and singer of Bubbles “is addicted to the needle – the knitting needle. What is more rock ‘n’ roll than making your own fashion statement and snubbing the corporate entities that tell us how to look.”

When she started knitting, Ross discovered there were almost no patterns for edgy, underground rocker types like her and out of necessity began creating her own. The result is Punk Knits: 26 hot new designs for anarchistic souls and independent spirits, with the designs modeled by her friends – independent punk rock musicians from Hollywood. Ross’ inspiration comes from famous (or infamous) rockers like Sid Vicious, the New York Dolls and Frank Zappa, and each pattern includes her comments on the artist.

All the designs are suitable for beginning to intermediate knitters, with a few advanced patterns for those who like a challenge. Ross’ designs are unisex (although I wish she had included photos of guys in the mini skirts) and the measurements for the finished sweaters reflect that, with chest measurements ranging from 27” to 47”. If you are looking for basic knitting instruction, you’ll need to find that elsewhere; however, if you need instructions for including deliberate holes in your knitting, then this is the guide for you.

So what about the patterns themselves? I have to admit to being a bit disappointed since I was expecting something rawer, more cutting edge. That may not be possible as, by its very nature, punk isn’t about being conformist and a book of knitting patterns could be construed as conformist since the patterns are available to the masses. Unfortunately there isn’t much here which can’t be found elsewhere, although the Skull Kilt is fabulous.

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ISBN10: 1584795832
ISBN13: 9781584795834

Trade Paperback, Spiral binding
136 Pages
Publisher: Stewart, Tabori & Chang
Publication Date: March 1, 2007
Website: Punk Knits
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