Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A blogger's apologies

Into every blogger's life comes a week when they can't seem to post at all and this has been mine. Life explodes with craziness and good intentions of daily posts go out the window. The stack of books waiting for reviews to be typed up has grown monstrous, so expect a flurry of posts next week.

Tonight I head to Baltimore to attend Stitches East - entering that nirvana of yarn goodness. I wish you all days filled with books and will report back next week, refreshed and overflowing with creativity.


Carl V. said...

Hope you have/had a wonderful, relaxing time!

karen! said...

I think we all understand.

Hope you're enjoying the convention!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

The nice thing about books is that they don't seem to mind waiting for you.

Hope the convention was wonderful. I wish we could have seen each other -- next year, we'll plan it better.

Ha! Word verif: hugbsf -- hugbySusan, friend. :D