Sunday, November 12, 2006

BOOK REVIEW: Crazy About Quilting by Ada K. Moyles

For many years Ada Moyles delighted quilters with her regular column “Views from the Attic” in Quilt World. Now her stories are available to delight a larger audience in her new book Crazy About Quilting: Confessions of an Average Quilter.

Quilting originally was done with scraps of leftover cloth and retired clothing, a practical way to keep a family warm and be thrifty at the same time. Many of these old quilts are still treasured heirlooms and family keepsakes; however, in recent years quilting has transcended its homey image and become an art-form of its own.

Like any other interest or addiction, quilting brings together a community – perhaps even more than other crafts because of the community’s history of quilting bees and charitable work. In Crazy About Quilting., Moyles provides a window into this world of fabric addicts and “obsessive quilters.” Featuring vignettes on how to minimize housework (and make more time for quilting), what it means to be an average quilter, and even a quiz on how to tell if you are truly obsessed with your craft, this tiny volume is full of heartwarming sentiments and life lessons.

While dealing explicitly with quilting, Moyles’ ponderings on life, the pursuit of a passion and the creative process is sure to find resonance with crafters of all mediums. The focus of the passion may be different but the process, and others’ reactions to it, is sure to be familiar to many.

The act of making an item like a quilt, meant to keep someone warm, is a gift from the heart and Moyles’ amusing vignettes are sure to warm many hearts this Christmas.

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ISBN10: 1552857581
ISBN13: 9781552857588

224 Pages
Publisher: Whitecap Books
Publication Date: October 2006


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