Monday, March 12, 2007

BOOK REVIEW: Luscious Craving by Cameron Dean

Sexy vampire killer cum security agent Candace Steele has her hands full at the Scheherazade casino. As the year draws to a close, the No-Limits Foundation Charity Poker Tournament is ramping up with the final game to occur on New Years Eve. When rumours of a con tied to the tournament become more persistent, Candace is assigned to determine just how involved the vampires are in the setup.

When Candace meets Michael, one of the players in the tournament, sparks fly and they quickly become involved. The last thing Candace wants is to become involved with someone; however when Ash reappears in her life, Michael seems to be exactly the distraction she needs. Unfortunately the information she uncovers on the con seems to suggest that Ash may be in danger. Now she is in a race against time to save the man she loves and her job.

In this second installment of her Candace Steele vampire killer series, Cameron Dean raises the bar she set in Passionate Thirst. What makes Luscious Craving so enjoyable is the additional insight it provides into Ash and Candace’s relationship. Dean provides Ash’s perspective on his relationship with Candace and the events of the fateful night in the elevator. By fleshing out Ash into a three dimensional character, Dean allows reader to feel empathy for him and understanding of his motivations. Readers will also understand the extent of challenges facing Ash and Candace, if they ever hope to have a real chance at happiness.

Cameron Dean intersperses this serious relationship development with details of Candace’s life in Las Vegas. It is through these small details, such as information on the type of barriers in front of the casinos or a group of vampires who style themselves as the reincarnation of the Rat Pack, that Dean brings to life the flamboyant nature of Las Vegas. Candace’s friend Bibi and campy mole Blanchard also help lighten the mood. Blanchard inevitably comes out with a line guaranteed to get a laugh, such as his description of Candace: “I swear to God, you have the fashion sense of a fruit fly.” However, it is exactly these types of flaws which make Candace such a lovable heroine.

Cameron Dean has established a solid foundation for future volume in this series. The development of Ash and Candace’s relationship will be fascinating to watch a lovable heroine.

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ISBN10: 0345492544
ISBN13: 9780345492548

Mass Market Paperback
328 Pages
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Publication Date: December 2, 2006


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