Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring/Summer 2007 from Houghton Mifflin

The biggest title in Houghton Mifflin's Spring/Summer 2007 line is the much anticipated The Children of Húrin, the final Tolkien book due for release on April 17, 2007. Here are my picks:

* The Children of Húrin by J.R.R. Tolkien, Edited by Christopher Tolkien (April 17, 2007)
* The Visible World: a Novel by Mark Slouka (April 19, 2007)
* Incendiary Circumstances: A Chronicle of the Turmoil of Our Times by Amitav Ghosh (April 23, 2007)
* The Last Chinese Chef: a Novel by Nicole Mones (May 4, 2007)
* A Day at the Beach: a Novel by Helen Schulman (June 1, 2007)
* Fun Home: a Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel (Trade Paperback release, June 5, 2007)
* The Inhabited World: a Novel by David Long (Trade Paperback release, July 2, 2007)
* On Kingdom Mountain: a Novel by Howard Frank Mosher (July 11, 2007)

I've been a huge fan of the Miss Read novels (pseudonym of Mrs. Dora Saint) since I first visited Fairacre and Thrush Green in the early 90s. Houghton Mifflin is releasing four novels in the Fairacre series in new editions in August and I would highly recommend them, along with the first volume Village School for anyone who loves quiet British character novels.

"The English village of Fairacre, comfortably nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds, is a picturesque place of tile-roof cottages, a historic church, a post office, and a small primary school. Through the school’s beloved headmistress, Miss Read, we meet the inhabitants of Fairacre and share in their trials and tribulations, their milestone celebrations, and their daily joys."

* Village Diary
* Storm in the Village
* Over the Gate
* The Fairacre Festival
* The Caxley Cronicles: containing Market Square and The Howards of Caxley

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