Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fall 2007 Titles - Publishers Group Canada

Publishers Group Canada represents over 130 independent publishers including Carroll & Graf, Grove Atlantic and Canongate Books.

Black Cat
* Turpentine by Spring Warren (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* The Cry of the Dove by Fadia Faqir (Trade Paperback, October 2007)

Carroll & Graf
* I Never Saw Paris: a novel of the afterlife by Harry I. Freund (Hardcover, September 2007)
* Selfish and Perverse: a novel by Bob Smith (Hardcover, September 2007)
* The Forgotten Gospels: early, lost, and historical writings on the life and teachings of Jesus by Tim Newton (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* A Dead Man in Tangier by Michael Pearce (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Capote in Kansas: a ghost story by Kim Powers (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Beneath the Metropolis: the secret lives of cities by Alex Marshall (Trade Paperback, November 2007)

Grove Atlantic
* Ancestor Stones: a Novel by Aminatta Forna (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* Berlin: a Novel by Pierre Frei (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* The Story of Tibet: Conversations with the Dalai Lama by Thomas Laird (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* Lost Paradise: a Novel by Cees Nooteboom (Hardcover, October 2007)
* Moist: a Novel by Mark Haskell Smith (Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* The Bible: a Biography, Books that Shook the World by Karen Armstrong (Hardcover, November 2007)

Seven Stories Press
* Goodbye, Mr. Socialism by Antonio Negri and Raf Scelsi (Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* The tongue’s blood does not run dry: Algerian stories by Assia Djebar (Trade Paperback, November 2007)
* The Contenders: Hillary, John, Al, Dennis, Barack, et al. by Laura Flanders, Richard Goldstein, Dean Kuipers, James Ridgeway, Eli Sanders and Dan Savage (Trade Paperback, November 2007)

Picks from other publishers distributed by Publishers Group Canada
* Time Out 1000 Books to Change Your Life edited by Jonathan Derbyshire (Time Out, Trade Paperback, August 2007)
* Gone and Back Again by Jonathan Scott Fuqua (Soft Skull Press, Trade Paperback, August 2007)
* A Covenant of Salt by Martine Desjardines (Talonbooks, Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* Falling: a novel by Olivia Liberty (Atlantic Books, Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* Waterbaby by Cris Mazza (Soft Skull Press, Hardcover, September 2007)
* Gold by Dan Rhodes (Canongate, Trade Paperback, September 2007)
* Confessions of a Sugar Mommy by Emma Tennant (Gibson Square Books, Hardcover, September 2007)
* When to Walk by Rebecca Gowers (Canongate, Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* Racing the Dark by Alaya Dawn Johnson (Agate Bolden, Hardcover, October 2007)
* Jack Kerouac’s American Journey: the real life odyssey of “On the Road” by Paul Maher, Jr. (Thunder’s Mouth Press, Trade Paperback, October 2007)
* Ciao Bella: Lolita in Italy by Helena Frith Powell (Gibson Square Books, Trade Paperback, November 2007)
* Leaving Brooklyn by Lynne Sharon Schwartz (Hawthorne Books, Trade Paperback, November 2007)
* Shame in the Blood: a novel by Tetsuo Miura (Shoemaker & Hoard, Hardcover, December 2007)


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hip_ragdoll said...

In terms of "Cry of the Dove," HarperCollins Canada is actually pubbing that book here this fall:

Oh, and we'll be giving that title away on our Facebook group next month...

Just FYI.