Monday, June 04, 2007

Spring & Summer 2007 - More New Titles

This Saturday I head off to BookExpo Canada (the Canadian equivalent of BookExpo America which was held this past weekend) where I will learn all about publishers' Fall lines. So before I am loaded down with Fall 2007 catalogues, I am clearing the decks of a few remaining Spring/Summer catalogues to help inspire your summer reading.

Fitzhenry & Whiteside
* Librarian’s Night Before Christmas by David Davis, illus. by Jim Harris (Pelican Publishing, Trade Paperback, February 2007)
* The Reddening Path by Amanda Hale (Thistledown Press, Trade Paperback, April 2007 [October 2007 in US])
* Searching for Billie: a Novel by Freda Jackson (Touchwood Editions, Trade Paperback, April 2007)
* All in Together Girls by Kate Sutherland (Thistledown Press, Trade Paperback, April 2007 [October 2007 in US])
* Water by H.E. Taylor (Thistledown Press, Trade Paperback, April 2007 [October 2007 in US])
* A Feast of Longing by Sarah Klassen (Coteau Books, Trade Paperback, May 2007)
* Woman on the Other Shore: a Novel by Mitsuyo Kakuta (Kodansha International, Hardcover, August 2007)

Douglas & McIntyre
* Light at the Edge of the World: a Journey through the Realm of Vanishing Cultures by Wade Davis (Douglas & McIntyre, Trade Paperback, February 2007)
* True Pleasures: a Memoir of Women in Paris by Lucinda Holdforth (Greystone Books, Trade Paperback, April 2007)

Farrar, Straus & Giroux
* Arlington Park by Rachel Cusk (Hardcover, January 2007)
* Dancing to “Almendra”: a Novel by Mayra Montero (Hardcover, February 2007)
* Call Me By Your Name: a Novel by André Aciman (Hardcover, February 2007)
* Fieldwork: a Novel by Mischa Berlinski (Hardcover, March 2007)
* Trickster Travels: a Sixteenth-Century Muslim Between Worlds by Natalie Zemon Davis (Trade Paperback, March 2007)
* The Marchesa: a Novel by Simonetta Agnello Hornby (Hardcover, March 2007)
* Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen: a Novel by Alix Kates Shulman (Trade Paperback Reissue, March 2007)
* The Other Side of You: a Novel by Salley Vickers (Hardcover, March 2007)
* The Savage Detectives: a Novel by Roberto Bolaño (Hardcover, April 2007)
* Reading Life: Books for the Ages by Sven Birkerts (Trade Paperback, April 2007)
* Who is Lou Sciortino?: a novel about murder, the movies, and mafia family values by Ottavio Cappellani (Trade Paperback, May 2007)
* The Religion: a Novel (Book One of the Tannhauser Trilogy) by Tim Willocks (Hardcover, May 2007)
* At Large and At Small: Familiar Essays by Anne Fadiman (Hardcover, May 2007)
* Rethinking Thin: the new science of weight loss – and the myths and realities of dieting by Gina Kolata (Hardcover, May 2007)
* Rules for Saying Goodbye: a Novel by Katherine Taylor (Hardcover, June 2007)
* Crossing the Sierra de Gredos: a Novel by Peter Handke (Hardcover, July 2007)
* The Empress of Weehawken: a Novel by Irene Dische (Hardcover, August 2007)


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You are so lucky to have the opportunity to attend Book Expo Canada, wish I was going too!