Friday, March 17, 2006

It finally all comes together

Thank you The Bookish Girl for finally helping me pull together what knitting brings to my life (and for the rockin' image)! I have many dear friends who live nearby but sometimes you just need to send out the call to the knitters in your life - to have them be with you and knit in the same room, even if you don't say a word. There is something about the sound of knitting needles that soothes like no other.

To my dear knitting pals Heather, Alana and Christiane - a heartfelt thank you for responding to my knitting signal.


Koshka42 said...

I was so distraught when you moved out of town - of course I would see you when visiting (I think I see you MORE now in fact!) but WHO WAS I GOING TO KNIT WITH????

Janelle Martin said...

Yes, I think I do see you more now! But we do need to reinstate our periodic stitch 'n bitch nights.