Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another Author Response

I love getting feedback like this, especially when I'm seeing it for the first time in an e-zine.

Dear Armchair Interviews:

RE: SOME LIKE IT HAUTE chick lit review by Janelle Martin.

Thank you, as always! The author (Julie K. L. Dam) is over the moon!

Miriam Parker, Time Warner Books

Writing reviews can feel like writing in a vacuum, so rarely do you hear from your audience and even less often from the authors. I'm glad that I was able to help Julie K. L. Dam over the moon!

Original review is here -> Some LIke It Haute


Chris said...

Very cool!

Lotus Reads said...

That's wonderful, Janelle, I'm so pleased you got some good feedback! And I agree with you when you say writing reviews can feel like writing in a vaccum. The trouble with reviewing books that are not yet published or very new is that so few people have read them it is hard to contribute much to a discussion. I find I have more chatter on my blog when I review an older, more popular book. When I review an ARC I seldom have anyone comment.

Andrea Sisco said...

Janelle, I found your blog and so enjoy it. I also wanted folks to know that you are an Armchair Interviews star! You are a writer who is able to capture all that an author says. We are delighted and fortunate to have you write for us.

Janelle Martin said...

Thanks Andrea! You have me blushing over here.