Sunday, April 09, 2006

UFOs - Update on the &*%! Sweater

All around me are unfinished objects. I promised myself that &*%! sweater for my Grandmother (only on the needles for two years) will be finished before I start/work on anything else. The body is sewn together, front plackets done, collar done and sleeves 85% done. I'm knitting both at the same time which is a bit slower but worth it.

So this week I've been working away at the sleeves while finishing up my marathon viewing of Season 2 of Stargate SG-1. I have two episodes left to go and somehow I don't think the sleeves will finish at the same time. I think it's going to need season 3 to finish up this sweater.

Once that's done I can sew in the ends on my Olympic scarf and present everyone here with a photo of the beautiful finished project.


Chris said...

Wow, such determination - go go go go go!

Koshka42 said...

Oh man, finally! Good luck...