Friday, May 19, 2006

Long Weekend

After so much posting on Tuesday, I went into a dry spell. I've been writing so many reviews lately that I had lost any words to put here.

Today's a new day and the start of the weekend that I always think of as the beginning of summer. I'm not sure why other than warmer weather beginning and this being the first long "party" weekend...which so does not go with it being the celebration of Queen Victoria's birthday. Yet this is traditionally a party weekend. The name most people call it by is the "May 2 - 4" weekend (a two - four is what we call a case of beer in Canada) since May 24 is the office Victoria Day.

All this rambling leading to one point. It's a long weekend, Monday is a holiday, summer is officially starting here at the Eclectic Closet - party on!


MarciNYC said...

Why is it everytime I see a pic of Victoria, I think "I am not amused."? Have a great weekend - holiday or not.

Ours is coming next weekend -- woo hoo! Start of summer, meaning I get every other Friday off.

Of course it also means the invasion from points north down here at the shore. Ugh. Maybe it won't rain this weekend and I can enjoy some beach time without the crowds.

Heck, maybe I'll celebrate "May 2-4" down here, just for the heck of it. (Not to mention May 24th is Mum's birthday!)

Janelle Martin said...

I think more Americans should adopt the "May 2-4" weekend. *wink* Since you aren't West of Mars with the rest of the crowd, you might as well party some there.

I was going to head to the farmer's market this morning but then I remembered that it will be a zoo since it is the holiday weekend. Ugh! That's what comes from living next door to the second largest tourist attraction in Ontario.

And Victoria is definitely not amused...