Friday, May 12, 2006

Sock Woes

I knew I should try the sock on before now...but in a classic case of avoidance I was ignoring the potential problem. It's my first sock and I didn't want to jinx it prior to the gusset reduction. The thing is, it looked too big for my foot, but I was chalking that up to not having a clue about what the sock should look like.

Last night, halfway down the foot of sock one, I slipped it on and - you guessed it - it's too loose. So I face a dilemma, continue on, make sock two and just wear them around the house or rip back to the end of the slouch ribbing and start over on smaller needles.

I'm inclined to rip back so that I actually wear my first socks out of the house. Any recommendations?


Chris said...

I'd rip back... Don't forget that socks need negative ease - substract 1/2" to 1" from your foot diameter at the ball of your foot.

Janelle Martin said...

Thanks Chris...I was thinking that ripping would be the best solution. I think I'm going to hold off on that until Monday though...I need time to muster up the nerve so I don't cry.