Thursday, February 02, 2006

Knitting as meditation

I've been fairly stressed lately, standard I guess when approaching a major change in your life. I took an eleven month contract to be able to return to my home community and that job is almost up - 27 days left!

I've been looking for work and apply for jobs as I find appropriate ones but still haven't got a new one. This, of course, is causing a great deal of anxiety for me and many sleepless nights.

This is all to say I've been doing a lot knitting lately. I find the act of knitting very soothing and it seems to one of the only things that soothes my mind. My mind still wanders everywhere but seems to avoid the worries and instead I end up with random connections and imagery. It's definitely time to pull out my copy of The Knitting Sutra by Susan Gordon Lyndon.

I've been making a lot of scarves the past few weeks. Part of my New Year's resolution was to knit through my stash of sample yarns that I bought, thinking I could try out the yarn and make a scarf. I'll have to borrow a digital camera soon and post some pictures.

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