Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Knitting Rules!

I'm so excited that I have been jumping around my apartment for the last few minutes. Sitting against my door when I arrived home today was the bound proof of Yarn Harlot's new book (to review). I think Olympic Knitting might take back seat to this for a few days - I read the first few pages and was laughing so loudly that I startled the cat. I also discovered a new mantra to live by:

"If you find a non-knitter who thinks what you do is clever, beautiful, and artistic, who never asks for knitted stuff but wears it with pride when you give it to him or her, and will help you carry home a whole fleece or a stack of stitch dictionaries without once implying that you might want to get a grip - marry that person." From Knitting Rules! The Yarn Harlot Unravels the Mysteries of Swatching, Stashing, Ribbing and Rolling to Free Your Inner Knitter.

Thank you Stephanie, for making it all so clear. Stay tuned for my review sometime next week.

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