Sunday, February 12, 2006

Why did I pick lace? Or Day One of Olympics Knitting

I missed the opening ceremony cast-on by about 8 hours but I managed to cast on Ziggy in the brighter yarn and knit the 5 garter stitch rows and 2 rows of lace on the 10th. 7 rows and I frogged twice on the FIRST ROW of the lace pattern. Why did I pick lace for Olympic knitting?

Day One of Olympics - Watched Jennifer Heil win gold and men's 5,000 m speed skating. In several hours I:
a) completed 8 rows of lace
b) frogged out one row three times before realizing I had somehow lost a stitch!
c) frogged a total of 6 rows
d) managed not to throw the knitting across the room
e) discovered the joys of knitting with Brittany needles
f) decided I need to join this team for even thinking I should knit lace for the Olympics

I may never be able to go back to knitting anything but alpaca/cashmere! The feeling of the yarn is divine. *sigh*


Koshka42 said...


Mine is going much smoother than I expected...

Janelle Martin said...

You're evil! But I'm glad for you...