Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Federal Elections

I went to vote on Monday night in the advance polls. I try to vote in these if I can, this way I make sure that no matter what happens on the 23rd, I will have cast my ballot.

What a tough choice it was. I am so scared of the conservatives winning since Steven Harper's party worries me. His personal views on women's rights scares me and now that he looks poised to win the election, this is even more worrying. I would vote for a party that shares my social values, but I'm afraid that by voting for the NDP or Green Party, I'm just helping Harper get into power.

What a dilemna! Our local Liberal candidate is the incumbent and someone my family has known for a long time. He's a good guy, I just think his party isn't going far enough to protect our social system.

After standing and staring at the ballot for a long-time, I made my decision and voted for the incumbent. I guess today wasn't my day to make a stand.

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