Thursday, January 26, 2006

A new book classification system - with many thanks to Lotus Reads

A number of other BookCrossers have great blogs, some of which are listed in my sidebar. One whose book reviews I truly enjoy is Lotus Reads. Recently she commented on how she often uses descriptions of food to describe books. "Whenever I struggle to describe a reading experience, I find it helpful to compare it with food."

I really like the categories she's come up with, so I'm going to adopt them here to describe the books I read.

"Cool glass of lemonade" - a nice, quick and easy read that takes about a day or so
"Melted Chocolate" - books that go down smoothly, the experience is so pleasurable, you never want it to end
"Sunday Specials" - satisfying emotionally and fill you up, like Mom's Sunday dinner of comfort foods
"Exotic Treats" - You have no clue how you are going to feel after you try it, but you can't help yourself!
"Cereal" - convenient, crunchy, nutritious, but forgettable!
"liver & onions" - for those that you can only finish by holding your nose and choking it down (thanks Candy for this new category)

Thank you Lotus Reads for helping me find a great new way to describe my books.


Lotus Reads said...

LOL, thanks Antheras! I love reading your blog, too. About the food classification, my friend and fellow blogger, "Hello,Melissa", had one more to add, Cereal: convenient, crunchy, nutritious, but forgettable! :)

Janelle Martin said...

Too cool, I'll have to add that to my list.

I love reading your blog too. It's a mutual love-in.

Candy said...

Ah, but you need a liver & onions category for those that you can only finish by holding your nose and choking it down :-)

Janelle Martin said...

Okay, that is brilliant candy! I'm going to edit the main post to add that category.

Candy said...

w00t! I'm famous! *laugh*