Friday, January 27, 2006

Interview with Gail Godwin - Santa Monica Mirror

I had the fabulous fortune to read Gail Godwin's 12th novel Queen of the Underworld this past October to review as part of the January Jury for Today when browsing BookSlut, I found an interview with her carried out by the Santa Monica Mirror. In it she discusses her journals, published this month at the same time as Queen of the Underworld, her life and the writing process.

I love this quote from Godwin, when discuss the act of keeping a journal:
“I didn’t start keeping a journal seriously, almost as a spiritual discipline, until I went abroad,” Godwin recalls. “That marks the start of keeping track consciously and responsibly, with a goal in mind that if I do this, I’m bound to not repeat some of my mistakes. And I’m bound to know myself a little better. It takes eons to get to that point where you have enough desire and enough leisure to take a moment and assess the day — as George Herbert the poet said, ‘to dress and undress the soul every day.’?”

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