Sunday, January 22, 2006


I was reading MarciNYC's blog entry about working on her cross-stitch of a tulip and I had to stop and think. When was the last time I actually picked up a counted cross-stitch project? This fall I was between work and finishing up a lot of knitting projects that were Christmas gifts that I don't think I've done any counted work since August!

I have so many projects in process so I really need to get back to working on some of them. Thanks for the inspiration Marci! I'll post a picture here when I get a chance.

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MarciNYC said...

Do it! Do it! Do it! :)

I used to be a rather prolific cross-stitcher - until I awakened by inner beader. Now I've put cross stitch aside for instant gratification beads. Last year, I finished all of one cross-stitched piece. So the tulips were my inspiration to start agian. One down, three to go!

I look forward to seeing your progress! :) Maybe I'll actually finish the scarf I started for Mark about a year and a half ago. :)