Saturday, June 03, 2006

BOOK REVIEW: Confessions of a Teen Nanny by Victoria Ashton

In an effort to get all my past reviews posted here to create "archives", over the next few weeks I'll be adding some reviews published in 2005. They're all great books so check them out!

Anyone who loved Bergdorf Blondes or Mean Girls is going to love Confessions of a Teen Nanny.

Liz and Adrienne have been best friends since they were little. When friends of her boss need a new nanny, Liz convinces Adrienne to sign on for a two-week stint with precocious eight-year-old Emma Warner. Adrienne and Liz quickly get sucked into the lifestyle of the rich and famous lived by Emma's older sister Cameron--and very quickly their lives spin out of control. How they find their footing in this glamorous world is a delightfully, fast-paced romp.

Told in short, snappy chapters, Ashton has evoked a world where one keeps expecting Paris Hilton to step out of the elevator. Heavy on style and ferociously paced, occasionally the reader is left wishing for a bit more character development.

Sure to appeal to all young fashionistas-- and a few Moms and older sisters may try to sneak off with it, too!

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Alexandra Barnes said...

If you like Confessions of a Teenage nanny, check out Simulating Normal- the disturbingly true story of Marge Ingersol and her staff of nannies.