Monday, June 26, 2006

BOOK REVIEW: Interior Motives: a Deadly Décor Mystery by Ginny Aiken

Haley Farrell has a lot on her plate; redecorating your shrink’s office is no easy task, especially for a first-class snoop like Haley. The temptation to “overhear” conversations is too enticing! After striking up a conversation with Darlene Weikert about plastering techniques, she is thrilled when a job to renovate Darlene’s Victorian parlour and dining room results.

When Haley arrives and is greeted by a corpse rather than a living client, her gut keeps telling her it isn’t a natural death. Now if only she can convince her arch-nemesis, the Karate Chop Cop (otherwise known as Lila Tsu), to take her hunch seriously.

Bodies aren’t all that Haley has to deal with however; she has a host of other problems on her plate. Not only must she reign in Bella, her septuagenarian neighbour who’s somehow managed to get a PI licence, and deal with an infuriating yet sexy builder, she must also worry about her Dad who somehow forgot an important part of his attire when he stepped to the pulpit to give his Sunday sermon.

Interior Motives is Haley’s third outing in Ginny Aiken’s delightful Deadly Décor mystery series. Aiken has crafted a charming sleuth in Haley; gutsy, stubborn, flawed yet full of warmth and genuine caring for her fellow creatures – except for the two evil creatures claiming to be Bella’s cats.

The sparks zing between Dutch (the sexy builder) and Haley, heating up as fast as Haley tries to run away. The wall of words Haley tries to build, to protect herself from her growing attraction to Dutch, is easily collapsed by his stinging retorts. The high-speed banter flows effortlessly from Aiken’s pen, bringing to mind famous parings such as Katherine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy or Lauren Bacall/Humphrey Bogart.

Readers will find Haley easy to identify with and quickly become enmeshed in the drama of her daily life; cheering her on as she plunges head first into the fray, crying with her when the pain becomes too much and praying with her as she seeks guidance when the way seems too dark. Expect to see Haley Farrell in many mysteries to come!

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Publication Date: August 1, 2006
Publisher: Revell
Format: Paperback
ISBN10: 0800730461

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Chris said...

Sounds like an interesting series - thanks for the review!

MarciNYC said...

Ditto what chaos' servant said. :)

Another one to go onto my ever growing wishlist.