Tuesday, June 06, 2006

BOOK REVIEW: The Monsters of Gramercy Park by Danny Leigh

The Monsters of Gramercy Park by Danny Leigh draws the reader into a haunting tale of need and a struggle for power between two determined personalities. Wilson Velez, the convicted felon and leader of the Sacred Incan Royals, needs a reason to live after years of the harshest segregation known in the American prison system. Lizbeth Greene, the celebrated novelist known for the extreme violence that has haunted her life, is looking for her next book. The coming together of these two people to create a true recounting of Wilson's life sets in motion a train of events leading to a truly horrific outcome.

While not your typical blood and gore thriller, this book is perfect for the reader who likes to be kept guessing. Throughout, manipulation and tension keep shifting the foundation upon which the novel is set. Many times I felt the rug pulled out from under my feet as what I believed to be true was ripped away.

Danny Leigh does a great job in fleshing out his characters. Just when you think you know who they are, knowledge is turned on its head and you are left scrambling for a foothold. While Wilson and Lizbeth were not characters I liked, I was compelled to keep reading their story. Several times I found myself ranting out loud at Lizbeth, something a book has not caused me to do in years.

This is a novel that will leave the reader thinking and second-guessing for days to come. Highly recommended for readers who don't want their endings tied up in a box with a pretty bow.

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oops. HOW old is this review and the copy of it that you sent me is still on Mt. TBR????

I'm blushing with my shame.

Janelle Martin said...

Probably about 8 months or so. We'd have to go hunting in the ARC archives to know for sure.